Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner



Hi, I like your web site, I hope I can help. I worked in the old mill, or Porterdale Mill, from 1964 till 1969.My name was Joan Kitchens, I was married to Jerry Kitchens. His father J. M. Kitchens worked there until he retired, I do not remember where. His step-mother Johnnie Kitchens, worked in the Winder room on the second shift. I worked on the third shift. I had two daughters with Jerry, Alecia and Stacey. I then married Richard Mitchell, we had two boys, Richie and Jamie, I worked in the Porterdale Mill until it closed. I worked up in the Osprey Mill, several times, until 1984. I then married John Jackson, and moved away. My mother Addie Lou Alexander, worked in the Osprey Mill in the weave room, from 1960 until 1981, when she retired. My father Ira Alexander, also worked in the Osprey Mill. In the Porterdale mill, I worked with Polly Cagle Kitchens, husband Johnny Kitchens. I worked with Alma Myers, husband Anthony Myers, Effie Beam, Ruby Treadwell, Pauline Davis, Hazel and Nub Smith, Ann and Jack Smith, who was my supervisor, he was great. I worked with Barbara Thompson, husband Houston, Susie Harper, husband George, Imogene Brand, Sara Hall, Nellie Hall. I wish I could get a copy of the paper that was at the reunion, it helped you remember a lot of people. I will try to remember more, and let you know. In the Osprey Mill, I worked with Theresa Daniel, Marshall Smith, was the supervisor. Bobby Harwell was the fixer. I can remember the people better from the Porterdale Mill, I guess because we were like a family. Please keep me informed.

Joan Jackson
December 14, 2003