Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner



Clarence L. Cawthon


Dear Prentis,

You have the proper address for our e-mail.

I still cannot get the web sites that you sent to me. 

I appreciate what you are doing.

I live about a 4 hour drive from Porterdale. it is becoming more difficult to make the trip. 

The Methodist church is making plans for a 100th. Anniv. Jan 11, 04. It being God's will I hope to attend. 

I am one off few who went out for full time ministry.

If I can make it to June  04 I will have been in the active ministry (pastoring churches) for 50 yrs. 

I look back on my childhood and youth days at Porterdale as some of the best years of my life.

I have made the statement that I grew up in the best time, the best place, with the best parents. 

My father (Ward Cawthon) worked for 40 yrs for Bibb. we lived in the same house(4 Hemlock) for 36 yrs. 

I remember well the wading pool you spoke of. I remember when the swimming pool was enclosed.

I think I remember that the wading pool had a plaque with persons name on it. 

I cannot remember when the new bridge was built.

I remember the wooden bridge.

One week we had a lot  of rain and the river over flooded. You  could hear the roar of the water going over the dam hitting those Rocky Shoals. One time when we had a flood a man jumped off of the wooden bridge in to the racing water.  when the river went down they found his body among the boulders of the shoals.

Caldwell funeral had a parlor there in one part of the store buildings. they had the mans body there.

I remember Mr. Bulter who had the picture show there in the school building. 

I remember when they put sewage in the houses that did away with the out houses.

As a teenager I worked with J. B. Lloyd at Jack Elliot's store. You could get a hamburger and a big RC for  a dime. 

On Dec. 7, 1941 I was caddying at the golf course for  twenty five cents for nine holes.

I always caddied for Volly  Parr.  When I got home that evening I learned about Pearl Harbor. (by way of the radio) The next day, in the gym, Miss Maude King had the student body to gather there to hear (by radio)  We declared war on Japan. 

I was drafted in 1946. I was in the AF 13 months. I was converted in march 1947 when I got out

I went to a small  Wesleyan Methodist collage in central south Carolina, where I met this young lady who  was born in Herkimer N. Y. moved to Dayton, Ohio. Her maiden name was Voight. German and Dutch.  We had four boys, one died in a construction accident (1984). Our oldest son was in the navy (4yrs) he is now a surgical PA. he lives Laurel MD. Our second son is retired from the navy with 22 yrs. he lives in Northern VA. Our youngest son is a senior MSgt. in the Air Force, he lives in Mt. Holly NJ plans to retire in 05 with 24 yrs. 

I will stop for now. I know my spelling is not the best. I always had a problem writing my mother. 

Thank you again for all that you do to preserve the memories of the best days of our lives. 

Clarence Lamar Cawthon

P. O. Box 374
Hagan, GA 30429

Phone 912 739 2839

Email: cawtho_c@bellsouth.net