Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner



Mayor Will Ivey
Served for 34 years




W. C. (Bill) Ivey was born on November 27, 1894 in what is called the "Little Rock" house in Porterdale.  His maternal grandmother and grandfather came from Scotland in 1815 to settle in the Carolinas, but after hearing about the money being made with the textile mills, moved to Porterdale. 

Bill Ivey began working in the mill at the age of 10.  He attended Atlanta Business College as a teenager and traveled back and forth to Atlanta each day by train.  He received his diploma in June 1916 and returned to work in the mill for Mr. Alf Woodruff. 

Listed below are some of the highlights of his life: 

         Married Dora Lummus (Porterdale girl) December 24, 1916.

-     One daughter, Annie Lucille Ivey.

         Attended Sunday School at the Julia A. Porter Methodist Church for 50 straight years.

         Served 3 terms as Newton County's Representative to the State Legislature. 

-         Passed the first bill for the teacher's raise during his first term.

-         Became close friends with Herman Talmadge.

         Served as Mayor of Porterdale (1933 - 1967)

         Manager of Porterdale's Baseball Team (1933 + )

         First person in Porterdale to own a television (1949).

Was in charge of the "new" gym in 1938.