Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner



Porterdale School




Acree, Velma   1949 - 1954 4th Grade  
Adcock, Mrs.    
Allgood, Mrs.   1st Grade
Belcher, Ethel   Principal
Black, Miss    
Burch, Shirley, Cochran    
Caldwell, Lewis    
Cline, J. E. 1914 Principal
Cline, Margie Green   6th Grade
Cook, Carter   6th Grade
Coulter, Stella   3rd Grade
Cowan, John Early 1900's First School Teachers  
Ellington, Mary R. 1947 - 1954 2nd Grade  
Ellington, Professor   Coach
EuBanks, Mrs.   History
Fundsworth, Cleo 1914  
Gordon, Mr.    
Grant, Mary    
Hardeman, Pauline    
Hardman, Mae 1954-55 6th Grade  
Harwell, Bess 1914  
Hewell, Lille Mae    
Jefferson, Annie Laurie early 1900's First Kindergarten Teacher.   Later became Mrs. John Porter.
Johnson, Julius    
Jordan, Ruby 1948 - 1954 3rd, 2nd Grade  
King, Maud 1940's Principal
Lane, Ruby 1946 - 1954 1st Grade - Moved back to her hometown of Jenkinsburg, GA, when she retired. She died in the 1990's.
Light, Mrs. 1953-54 1st Grade  
Mask, Eva    
McAroy, sp(?)    
McCook, Mrs.    
Penic,   Music
Pennick, Alcie    
Ramsey, Martha    
Robertson, Betty    
Seago, Miss    
Sheets, Mr.   Band
Smith, Mary P.   5th Grade, In 2004 lives in Macon, Georgia 
Speer, Mary Deen 1914  
Statham, John    
Steele, Dorothy    
Tanner, Jordye   8th Grade and Principal
Tanner, Ruth   Home Economics
Taylor, Pearl    
Thompson, Sue    
Trippe, Mary 1950 - 1954  
Weaver, J. B. Mrs. 1952 - 1954 7th Grade
Whitehead, Grace 1914  
Williams, Helen 1914  


*The dates are known dates.  The teacher may have been there earlier and or later. If you have additional information please advise.