There are many ways you can provide support and help to The Súgán Theatre.

Financial Assistance
The company relies on various sources to fund and maintain its activities.  By giving to the company, you will be giving to the community.  Your donations help secure the artistic and financial future of The Súgán Theatre.  All donations of any size are tax deductible, are greatly appreciated, and are recognized in our programs. 

Send all donations to:

The Súgán Theatre Company
75 Garfield Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

If your company has a volunteer matching program, please call us to learn how you can help The Súgán Theatre. 

Ambassador Program (NEW)
The Súgán Theatre is pleased to introduce the Súgán Ambassador Program.

What is it
     A network of individuals who commit to spreading the word about Súgán productions, actively exploiting word-of-mouth networks to increase the company’s audience and to heighten awareness of the Súgán.

Who should join
·    Individuals who believe passionately that the Súgán is a highly valuable component of Boston’s cultural community and a critical contributor to Boston’s understanding of and appreciation for Irish culture. 
·    Individuals who believe that, while they may like or dislike individual Súgán productions, every single Súgán production is:
    ·    characterized by artistic integrity;
    ·    substantive and challenging;
    ·    presented by top-quality artists;
    ·    executed at a high level of quality.
·    Individuals who believe that Súgán productions are:
    ·    a very good value (ticket price)
    ·    always worth the risk that is required of audience members.

What is expected of Súgán Ambassadors
    Commit to a number of simple, cost-free actions to spread the word about Súgán productions.

For example, email at least 10 people and call at least 5 people about each Súgán production, put up a poster in your workplace, distribute postcards to your friends and colleagues, invite your friends and colleagues to attend the show with you.

How to Join
    Contact Peter O’Reilly at or at 617-497-5134.

Corporate Sponsorship

If your company is interested in corporate sponsorship please contact us.  We will be happy to discuss various options available to you.

Interested in promoting your business?  Place an ad in our program.  Call, write, or send an e-mail.

Spreading the Word
We need your help to expand our audience.  Please bring your friends, spread the word, and help build our theater audience wherever you can.

Getting Involved with the Theatre 
There are many volunteer opportunities available at The Súgán Theatre.  Please contact us directly for more information. Here are some activities you might consider:

Set production
Theatre ushers

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