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Welcome to the new expansion of the Pop Culture Palace!

Dont forget to visit the original KellyGirl's Pop Culture Palace - it's full of fun stuff! Full being the operative word - hence the expansion here.

10-12-05 Can it be?! Yep, all reports, transcripts, audio, and video from Dragoncon 2005 are now completed and up for your perusal and enjoyment. The Fabulous Girls have spoken. Now they'd like to go to the spa.

10-9-05 Back at the original Pop Culture Palace, you can now download video of Last Picture Show (Matt & John's band) performing an acoustic version of the Firefly theme. Also, Dreago's Sunday Con report has been added.

10-3-05 The Matt Robinson/John Mullaney interview from DragonCon 2005 is up! The entire written transcript is there along with the audio which can be downloaded as mp3s. Here's hoping the Fabulous Girls have lived up to their reputation!

9-16-05 KellyGirl's Con reports are up.

9-10-05 I've started adding DragonCon 2005 stuff. So far it's just pictures but look for Con reports and a special video clip of a musical performance by Last Picture Show.

7-9-05 After much effort, the page of video clips from the 2004 DragonCon Tribe interviews is up. Hopefully, this will whet everyone's appetite as we prepare to head off to DragonCon 2005 in a few weeks!

4-29-05 The East Wing is open for business. So far I've only got the icon page up and running, but it's a start. Stay tuned for more soon!

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