Welcome to Poorboy  Farms

Dale and Kim Waddell

poorboybud@earthlink.net  or 360-636-4397

Located in the Pacific Northwest

Here at Poorboy Farms, we have enjoyed the love and companionship that our German Shepherds have provided for years. In 1999 we decided to share these wonderful dogs with others.

Family is very important to us and we believe the German Shepherd should be like one of the family. The rural setting we live in provides a place for the dogs to run and play. In exchange for this, the dogs provide companionship and protection to both our persons and our property.

As our breeding program grows we will always maintain our focus on temperament, conformation, companionship and protection. We don't have hard dogs, as they don't fit well with our family environment. Everyone must get along when we do the farm chores. Thirty three acres covered with trees, horse, cows, and cats makes for plenty of chores- a dog that doesn't get along well with other dogs and animals would wreck havoc on everyone, so therefore would not fit into our family/farm environment..