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Texas: January 2005

Rio Grande Valley, TX: January 14-17, 2005
In the midst of what is probably the most impressive invasion of Mexican rarities into south Texas in recorded history, I found myself unable to resist the temptation to spend a few days and witness it all.  Following are some of the better photos I got in three solid days of birding in the Valley.
Social Flycatcher - Clearly the top bird of the winter to date, a Social Flycatcher was present in Bentsen State Park from January 7 to 14.  These photos were taken on the 14th, the last day the bird was found.  Interestingly, the photos I was able to obtain show that the bird was in fact injured, perhaps severely, on the 14th, which may be the reason for its disappearance.  For a more detailed discussion of the bird, including a photo of the injury itself, check out the Social Flycatcher page on my Rare Bird Photos website.
Green-breasted Mango - This very photogenic individual was present at a suburban residence in south McAllen for most of the winter of 2004-05.  It had a penchant for sunning itself and defending its favorite feeder for hours at a time, as you can see.
Golden-crowned Warbler - Present at the Los Ebanos Preserve at the junction of US-83 and TX-100 for a few weeks, this bird was very active and approachable, often itself approaching observers to within two feet!
Crimson-collared Grosbeak - After a several-year hiatus from the valley, Crimson-collared Grosbeaks have invaded south Texas this year in force.  This male was one of three at Frontera Audubon on 14-Jan; all told there have been a dozen or more reported grosbeaks in the valley this winter.
White-throated Robin - Shy and sulking, this bird occasionally allowed patient viewers excellent looks (including me), but I remained frustrated trying to photograph it... the partially obscured picture below was the best I could manage.
White-collared Seedeater - The bright spot of a day wasted looking for and missing a Blue Bunting at Laredo, the male seedeater pictured below was one of four that kept us interested during the long, fruitless wait.
Tropical Kingbird - It looks like a Couch's Kingbird, doesn't it?  I was surprised, too, when it called and betrayed its true identity.
Green Parakeet - These four were with a flock of five hundred more gathering in a raucous pre-roost flock in north McAllen.  They were quite a sight with the setting sun at my back.

Social Flycatcher 14-Jan-05 Bentsen-RGV State Park

Green-breasted Mango 16-Jan-05 McAllen

Green-breasted Mango 16-Jan-05 McAllen

White-collared Seedeater 15-Jan-05 Laredo

Social Flycatcher 14-Jan-05 Bentsen-RGV State Park

Golden-crowned Warbler 16-Jan-05 Los Ebanos Preserve

White-throated Robin 14-Jan-05 Frontera Audubon Sanctuary

Tropical Kingbird 16-Jan-05 Raymondville

Social Flycatcher 14-Jan-05 Bentsen-RGV State Park

Crimson-collared Grosbeak 14-Jan-05 Frontera Audubon Sanctuary

Green Parakeet 14-Jan-05 McAllen

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