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Little Blue Heron - July 18, 2010

Little Blue Heron at Independence Marsh, Beaver County, PA
Beaver County's first Little Blue Heron in "modern" times came in the form of this juvenile found by Mark Vass on 16 July at Independence Marsh. Several people looked for it unsuccessfully on the 17th, but it was found again on the 18th when this photo was made. When sitting out in the open one can't miss this bright white bird, but it has proven to be a bit elusive despite its flashy appearance. Even today, after I was finished photographing it and headed back to the car, it took off and flew into the treeline along the creek (south side of the marsh) and disappeared. If I had just been arriving rather than leaving I'd have missed it again. Patience is the key to finding it, but with any luck many people will have the chance, because it may be in for a long stay at the marsh. Food is plentiful there, so why not?
The only other reference to this species in the Beaver County record comes to us from W.E. Clyde Todd, who in his groundbreaking Birds of Western Pennsylvania (1940) mentions that the species appeared in both Beaver and Washington counties in August 1925.

Canon 1DMkIV, 500mm f/4L + 2x, 1/3200 sec at f/8 (manual exp), ISO 640, tripod

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