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Short-eared Owl - November 23, 2008

Short-eared Owl at the Volant Strip Mines, Lawrence County, PA
Having recently acquired the new Canon EOS 50D as a replacement to my 4-year-old 20D, I had been aching for a sunny day to try it out. I was inspired by Steve Gosser's fine pictures of Short-eared Owls at the Volant Strip Mines on 22-Nov, so with the sun finally shining on a day off from work, I headed up that way to put my new toy through some serious paces.
In a word, um, well... isgood.


(The master file for the picture above is a whopping 4200 pixels wide...)



Many folks I meet in the field and through the PABIRDS listserv ask my advice on digital photography, especially on questions of investment in camera bodies and lenses. The 50D is sure to command a lot of attention from amateur bird photographers, and it is indeed a worthy successor to Canon's incredibly popular x0D line. Check back in a little while and I will have some more complete thoughts to share on this latest in "prosumer" cameras.

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