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White Ibis - July 20, 2008

White Ibis at Middle Creek WMA, Lancaster County, PA
For the second year in a row, juvenile White Ibises have appeared in Pennsylvania during the summer months, following a noticeable lull in White Ibis occurrence in recent years. This year, a juvenile was at the Conejohela Flats in Lancaster County from 10 to 16-Jul, and another, or the same, appeared 17-Jul at Middle Creek WMA, 23 miles northeast of the flats. The bird stayed at Middle Creek to 20-Jul when these pictures were taken, but initial reports on 21-Jul were negative.
Middle Creek straddles the Lancaster/Lebanon County border; the bird was seen in a pair of ponds on the Lancaster side, a mere stone's throw from the county line. Not having seen the Conejohela Flats bird, I cannot say whether the Middle Creek bird might be the same, but I did note somewhat distinctive coloration on the Middle Creek bird's bill, which may allow those who saw the bird at the flats to answer definitively one way or the other. A close up (100% crop at 330x220 pixels) of  the bird's face is below.



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