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Black-headed Gull - January 11, 2007

Black-headed Gull at Tullytown, Bucks County, PA
This first-cycle Black-headed Gull was first found in early January at Franklin Cove in Tullytown, Bucks County, by Devich Farbotnik. Sometimes, the rarest (and therefore the most out-of-place) bird in a flock is also the most cooperative, and that was certainly the case with this individual. It tended to stand on the edge of the flock (the side of the flock facing the sun, no less), and was often the closest bird and inside 50 feet of the parking area at Franklin Cove.
Considering that there are probably well over 100,000 gulls in the vicinity of Tullytown at any given time in the winter (and sometimes many more than that), it's a special treat when one of the rarest among them is so confiding!



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