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Western Kingbird - December 30, 2006

Western Kingbird at Morgantown, Berks County, PA
After a four-year hiatus from the state beginning in 2001, vagrant Western Kingbirds are back in Pennsylvania. The bird pictured below, present in extreme southern Berks County throughout the second half of December, is the third our fourth record for the state in the last 18 months. Staying until at least December 31 (the time of this writing), this bird represents the latest record of Western Kingbird for the state.


In the next picture, no, the bird is not calling. It is regurgitating a berry seed. In just less than one hour of observation, I watched it spit up at least eight seeds! It was also very successful finding and catching insects, and appears perfectly healthy. It will be interesing to see how long into the winter it hangs on in Berks County.


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