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Black-bellied Whistling Duck - June 5, 2006

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck at Pleasantville, Berks County
Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks are widespread throughout the neotropics, from northern South America to the southern United States in Texas, Arizona, and increasingly in Florida.  There are two previous accepted records of this species in Pennsylvania, both from the summer of 1993, a season which saw a small-scale invasion of this species throughout mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions.
There is always concern that out-of-range waterfowl could potentially be escaped birds.  However, the bird pictured below, one of four present in a non-descript farm pond in central Berks County, showed no signs of questionable provenance: there are no leg bands, the birds are wary, and they show no feather wear that is sometimes evident on captive birds.  It seems that these four have what it takes to qualify as Pennsylvania's third accepted record.

Digiscoped - Nikon 4500/Kowa TSN 824

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