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Gray Kingbird - December 18, 2004

Gray Kingbird at Pomeroy, Chester County PA
This remarkable individual, providing Pennsylvania's first record of this species, was discovered and announced to the birding world on December 12, 2004 at the Shamrock Christmas Tree Farm in Chester County.  According to the property owner, admittedly not a birder by any means but very observant nonetheless, the bird was first observed in mid-October!!
It's rare enough to see a Gray Kingbird anywhere within the borders of the United States in December, but a bird lingering for eight weeks into the month of December in the state of Pennsylvania is almost inconceivable.  Fortunately hundreds of pictures have been taken to officially commemorate this remarkable record.
This bird has been getting by during the recent arrival of winter temperatures by feeding on berries and whatever insects it can find during warmer, sunny days.  Once the weather turns winter-like for good, unfortunately, this tropical flycatcher had better start really liking berries or it is going to have very hard time.  Only time will tell this bird's fate.



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