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Medical And Healthcare:

Adventures In Male "Agri-Care": "Mushrooms" Fertilized With Testosterone

Contributed By: Catgic & Male Staff Member Researchers

Recent investigative inquiries and researching of information about the whys, wherefores, what-is-it and what-to-expect in treatment of male-exclusive medical problems caused us to learn a curious societal thing about men’s versus women’s health issues in our U.S. culture.

Whereas, as a group, women seem to be well organized, centered, and proactively communicative on seeing that American society focuses on increasing awareness and getting-the-word-out about health issues specific to women. Women obtain and garner high-levels of private and government program funding, pursuing female-focused research investigation efforts, and the successful treatment of the panoply of their female-centric health issues. For example, Women have Sarah G, Komen For The Cure (of Breast Cancer), National Wear Red Day, American Women's Health Awareness & A Myriad of Gynecologic Cancer Support & Info Events, and they maintain sizable levels of NIH National Cancer Institute Women’s Health Research, American Cancer Society, National Foundation For Cancer Research Funding, et al, while men have and get mostly “Bupkis.”

There are no equivalent awareness undertakings, getting-the-word-out about men’s health issues or levels of funding, active research efforts or overall male-specific medical problem treatment infrastructures, which focus on male-specific health issues in a like manner as exists for female-specific medical issues.

On a comparative basis at the societal and cultural level on this Male vs. Female health point, when it comes to male-centric/male-specific health information and support, men are kept in the dark and fed the standard fertilizer food fed to all mushrooms on mushroom farms, “Horse Manure & B.S.” Information and funding for men, as compared to the “All You Can Eat-Learn” Buffet of female-specific health information and funding support made available to the greater Divine Ya-Ya Secrets Sisterhood collective of women, is minuscule. Men are cast a drift, left on their own, and treated like just so many “mushrooms” on a mushroom farm.

Men keep being told, “Trust us. There is a Polo pony somewhere in that pile of mushroom food.”

Evidence of this is that one never sees a local town, village or city blocking and cordoning off streets so a thundering herd of assorted size, shape and age men and boys wearing blue tee-shirts can be turned loose to run or walk to race 5-kilometers or even one-foot “For The BPH-Prostate Cancer Cure,” treatment, research, and eradication of any other of the male-centric medical maladies.

Computer Tips:


Cyber  Dustin’ ‘n Cleanin’

Contributed By: Pd'P IT Staff


There's nothing we biometric-RFID enhanced Smart Card carrying Freewebizens® like better then a Web-Freebie. It's in our e-DNA. Here are some Freebies that'll Kleen-the-Klock of your ‘Puter machine. They'll search the RAM, hard drive and registry for known viruses, data-mining, parasites, scumware, aggressive advertising, selected traditional trojans, dialers, malware, browser hijackers, and other tracking component threats to your 'Puter's security and privacy to assure it keeps running Clean-Green. 


The e-Freebie downloads that'll do'er fur ya pardner are Avast! 4 Home Edition Anti-Virus, AVG Anti-Virus Guard Free Edition, Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition, Spyblaster and Microsoft Windows Defender.


First download and install the Freeware Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software products of your choice. Then activate the Anti-Virus & Anti- Spyware posse 'n turn 'em loose to scour the badlands of your 'Puter Machine. They will search out and identify viruses, and undesired hijacking spyware, adware and malware varmints that stealthily infest and slow down the operation and response of your computer as you wander the Web e-trail. They can, at your command, search-destroy-purge these cyber-vermin from your 21st Century e-Babbage.


The six below listed Freeware Programs are rated Five*****STAR  by our IT Staff. They are listed in order of preference by our staff. Regular update and proper use of these programs will serve to keep you Computer Cowboys-Cowgirls riding Tall-in-the-Saddle and e-Varmint-Free out on the Web Trail. 


1. Anti-Virus (Free) - avast! 4 Home Edition (v4.8):


2. Anti-Virus (Free) - AVG Anti-Virus Guard - Free Edition 9.0:


3. Anti-Spyware (Free) – Ad-Aware SE Personal Addition:

4. Anti-Spyware (Free) - Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6.2:

5. Anti-Spyware (Free) - Spyware Blaster 4.2:


Research News At Vanderbilt And Exploration On-line Research Journal of Vanderbilt University

  • Health & Medicine
  • Education & Psychology
  • Engineering & Technology
To Read About The Latest Vanderbilt Research & Engineering-Science News, Click The Links Below:

The d'Poliakonian
Convolution Theorem:


d'Poliakonian Law of


WORK is {PLAY} you get paid





NOTE: Brackets {   } indicate

{Stealth Invisibility}


Putting the Theorem into a mathematical form and

solving for {PLAY} yields:


{Play} = Work - ($hekel$ + Deliverables + Other People's Schedules).


WORK convolutes into {PLAY} as $hekel$, Deliverables and O.P.S approach Zero.


Thus: The Limit of WORK, as $hekel$, Deliveries and O.P.S approach Zero is {PLAY}


Pay $hekel$ To Yourself

Deliver To Yourself

Work To Your Schedules

 and all your WORK will be convoluted into {PLAY}.


My writing activity is properly called CYBER WO{PLAY}RK. When the Catgicina's  Love Slave tells HER HIGHNESS that his lowness will be WO{PLAY}RK'ing in his Cyber Sanctum Sanctorum editing-finalizing the p-Pub for the next XX hours it is, in fact, {Stealth PLAY} that to non-convoluters without {The P-Code}, appears to be WORK. As in:


“I'll be in the CSS doing CYBER WO{PLAY}RK for a while, Honey with HER HIGHNESS replying, Don't WO{PLAY}RK too hard darling, I'll bring you some hot tea in later.


When Pd'P Freewebizens® apply the d'Poliakonian WO{PLAY}RK Convolution Theorem on the job, they appear to be WORK'ing "as hard as" their co-workers because they are {Stealthily Masking-Concealing PLAY Activity}.


The WO{PLAY}RK Theorem has dual-functionality. It may be used to EITHER:


1. Convolute WORK into {Stealth PLAY} or


2. {Mask-Conceal PLAY} beneath the White-Pink Noise generated by the Banausic WORK of Others, thereby, making it appear as WORK.


By NOT Working for $hekel$, Producing Deliverables and Meeting Other's Schedules one can look like “one busy synaptic beaver,” while in Stealth-d'Poliakonian Reality they are either {Stealthily Convoluting} WORK into {PLAY} or {Masking-Concealing:PLAY} making it look like WO{PLAY}RK.  


The whole process is a simple, but elegant one. This is because it is totally indiscernible by codeless, clueless others using their normal human sensory perception.


Its   TOP SECRET  nature resides in the pseudo-random Bright Eyes p-code that is applied to {PLAY} Activity to {Mask-Conceal} it making it look like WO{PLAY}RK Activity. In essence, the pseudo-random Bright Eyes convolutional coding {Mask-Conceal} "PLAY SIGNALS" by burying them in the "Ambient White-Pink 'WO{PLAY}RK'  Noise" generated by the aggregate pandemic millions of mindless, droning, wheel-spinning WORK EFFORT-UNITS. This is the White-Pink Noise  generated by co-workers, neighbors, friends, citizens, kinfolk and assorted Drones & Dronettes who choose or are forced to Hustle After & Churn Out $, €, £, ¥... Geedas & Gelt due to family-personal needs, bill paying neccessity or their lifelong habit of eating every day.

The WO{PLAY}RK Convolution Theorem  permits USERS to follow their {PLAY:BLISS}. Many USERS also use {Stealth} aroma masking technology to {Mask-Conceal} the faint incense-like pungence of burning oak leaves out-gasing from brain-ware pods overheated by WO{PLAY}RK sessions.
A burnt oak aroma wafts around my Cyber-Sanctum Sanctorum as Mk-41 Bright Eyes brain-ware synapses fire-off and process during my WO{PLAY:BLISS}RK. This is a telltale sign that a
WO{PLAY:BLISS}RK session is underway.

Proper Care And Feeding Of A Native Chicagoan:


The Iconic Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Contributed By: The Hungry For Hot Dogs, Catgic

Being that I was born a short street car ride away from either Comisky Park or Wrigley Field ballparks in the shadow of Fermi’s favorite squash court, I am a hot dog aficionado “purist” with the love of Chicago-style hot dogs hard-encoded into my DNA. That means, I consider it a culinary sacrilege to put catsup on a hot dog.



What follows is a “Chicago-Style Hot Dog” story about a roadside hotdog stand along Chicago's Milwaukee Avenue, which was a favorite Family Feeding Pit Stop back in the Post-WWII 1940s and 1950s simpler and innocent time of my golden youth.


My parents would stop at the aforementioned roadside hot dog stand for mass-feeding of the always hungry seven (7) boys --- no it is not a typo --- when we made week-end excursions from the far north Chicago ‘burbs, to-from Chicago, to visit and socialize with Chicago City residing family and friends. That memorable Chicago hot dog place was located at the very end of the Milwaukee Avenue street car line, across from a forest preserve. It had rooftop statuary figures of a hotdog couple standing on its roof, and, most importantly, served Chicago-style Hot Dogs with crinkly French Fries on the side.


My Dad traveled partly on IL Route 21 for our trips to-fro Chicago. Part of IL Route 21 in Cook County is also Milwaukee Avenue, which is the road along which that same family-owned hot dog place still operates today. It is on the corner at 6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Devon and Nagle. Maury and Flaurie are still standing on the roof waving hot dog hungry people in to enjoy one of their signature "Superdawgs." [See:


By the time of the late 1940s and mid 1950s, our growing family had moved up to and settled in the Lake and McHenry County area of the Fox Chain O’Lakes in Northern Illinois. By then, our family numbered nine (9), consisting of Mom, Dad, and the ever-hungry Magnificent Seven Wild Bunch “Pirate Crew” of Boys (no girls).


My Mom was an athletic woman who loved sports and the outdoors. She was Queen of Cooking freshly caught fish on the old style; white gas fueled Coleman 2 Burner Gas Camp Stove. She and Dad regularly took us on family camping excursions to the Wisconsin Dells, and various forest preserves located in and around the Fox River Valley and Wisconsin. Therefore, it was my Mom’s practice in the hotter summertime weather season, to serve her wild tribe of boys meals outside the house, in the backyard, at and around our breezy picnic table situated in the cool shade under the leafy canopy of the great stand of clusters of native Black Oak (Quercus Velutina) and White Oak (Quercus Alba) trees that populated our family’s encampment.


A regular item on the summer lunchtime menu for mass-feeding of our “Wild Bunch” of boys, was fire-grilled, Chicago-style hotdogs accompanied by Mom’s Homemade Potato Salad, ice-cold lemonade or Kool-Aid, and, when in season, chilled watermelon slices for dessert (from which watermelon seed spitting fights usually ensued). This tube-steak feast was usually accompanied by background sounds from the portable radio on the picnic table, tuned to daytime baseball game broadcasts of White Sox or Cubs games or one of the daily dramatic dilemmas of Mom’s favorite radio soap opera, with the trials, tribulations, and dysfunctions of the family and friends of “Ma Perkins.”


These divinely delectable ‘dogs were constructed according to the strict bun, yellow mustard, sweet relish, diced onions, fresh tomatoes wedges with length-cut Polish dill pickle quarters recipe protocol for creating classic Chicago-style hot dogs. The iconic Chicago-Style Hot Dog Recipe is shown here: , courtesy of Chicagoland’s own The Paupered Chef - Blake Royer.


My Mother would drive all the way up to a German family owned packing house/butcher shop located in Antioch, IL to get their locally made, specially seasoned and spiced “gourmet” hotdogs, made in the old traditional manner using actual animal intestine sausage casings. I forgot the name of that Antioch packing house, butcher business, but we boys referred to those tasty ‘dogs as “Antioch’s.”


That Antioch butcher probably went out-of-business decades ago, as the culture and palate of local Lake County Area eaters transitioned from mother-cooked-from-scratch, home-style European/Eastern European cooking, eating tastes and practices to roadside eateries with more Hispanic-Centric style menu fare, and pop-into-the-oven ready, microwavable "Home Cooking" that is pre-prepared, pre-packed and wrapped in paper and plastic packaging.


Although these Antioch-sourced sausages/hotdogs were made of all “Hotdog-Sausage Meat" (whatever meat that was --- probably, better to not know), they contained none of the chemical preservative, fillers or other mystery ingredients in them like those listed on modern day hotdog packages. Now, as far as whether or not there was or a how much of the reputed human carcinogen preservatives Sodium Nitrite/Nitrate (NO2/NO3) may or may not have been in the “Secret German Family Recipe” used to make them, if any, I have not a clue. But so far, KNOCK ON CHAIN O’LAKES OAK, none of my brothers have been afflicted with cancer.


Those Antioch ‘Dogs” were Good-GOod-GOOd-GOOD!!! I can personally attest that they were even better than the well-known, world-famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs of New York City, which I first ate in the early 1960s when I was a young, teenaged student living up in New York pursuing my follow-on, post-high school education.


Prius EcoDriving Hypermiling

We are the Prius-Borg.

You will be assimilated.

Your biological and

technological distinctiveness

will be added to our own.

Resistance is futile.



Prius EcoDriving hypermilers are those Prius Hybrid drivers who have been assimilated into the Prius Borg Collective by invisible nanoprobes stealthily launched from the Hybrid Synergy Drive of their vehicles through the throttle pedal, and now find themselves transformed into Prius-Borgs.  They live and drive "Hybrid $mart" to serve the Hybrid Hive by applying special hybrid fuel economy driving and operating techniques, like Pulse and Glide (P&G), Warp Stealth (W/S), and Super-Atkinson Highway Mode (SAHM), such that they regularly meet or surpass the Official EPA Highway/Combined/ City miles-per-gallon (MPG) Fuel Economy (FE) rating of their Prius.


Most Prius EcoDriving hypermiler drivers regularly average mid-to-high 50s mpg annual fuel economies, with upwards excursions of 60+ mpg obtained from their their fuel-sippers during the spring and autumn months, when outside air temperatures are "Hybrid-Fiendly" and no heater or air conditioning operation is required.


I was transformed into a hypermiling Prius-Borg just days after purchasing a new, iconic Second Generation (2G/GEN II) 2007 Prius as part of Toyota's End-Of-Year 2006 Holiday Toyotathon: Sale. Once I started driving the Prius, I was drawn to hypermiling like the proverbial moth is drawn to a flame. Now I work (play?) hard as I drive to optimally manage the Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive to get it to deliver and surpass the promised EPA MPG-FE numbers. 


My Borg Queen, and June-Bride-For-Life, is very pleased with me since my assimilation and transformation into a Prius-Borg because my Porsche-honed lead-foot was also transformed in the process. I now drive slower (read: less than or equal to the speed limit, and usually not greater than 55 mph). My Borg Queen, is especially pleased that she only has to crack open her Penny-Pincher Purse twice per month to top-off and fill the Prius' fuel tank with Regular Unleaded gasoline. Previously, I had to top-off the 22.5 gallon gas tank in the gas guzzling Aryan Iron Autobahn Eater, Mercedes-Benz 560SL I used to drive from Point "A" to Point "B" and back again, twice per week. These expensive fill-ups were with the premium-priced Mercedes-Benz specified Premium Unleaded gasoline.


I have found that regularly achieving MPG-FE numbers up into the 60s is hard to do when most of your driving involves short versus long trips or is done in very congested traffic densities. However, diligent application of "Hybrid $mart" EcoDriving hypermiling techniques at every opportunity will assure you will regularly approach, meet or exceed the Official EPA Fuel Economy Rating numbers promised on the Prius' Monroney window sticker by 15% to 25%.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the Prius Family of Cars and their fuel economy and overall performance. I do think that this Prius is a personal transportation vehicle that only a Techno-Geek can truly appreciate, love, enjoy, and optimally operate. We recently traded our iconic GEN II Prius Sedan in for the newly offered, larger Prius v(vee) Station Wagon in a stealthy "Magnetic Gray" metallic. The v(vee) has a more voluminous interior with much improve driver and passenger comfort along with 50% greater cargo-hauling space, as compared to the standard GEN II or GEN III Prius Sedan. These improvements and the added cabin volume and cargo hauling capability are why I refer to our new Prius v(vee) Level Five as a "Caddy In A Kimono." 

In my opinion, there is a bit of an Information Handling and Management Learning Curve for the novice, "nugget" hybrid driver. Particularly, if they want to attain, monitor, and maintain optimal and maximal MPG by applying the myriad of fuel-sipping driving techniques.


There are over 30 operating status and advisory indicator symbols plus other additional graphics, numerics, and dynamic metrics that may be displayed on the electronic instrument cluster and multi-function information display monitor at various times or another. Digesting and responding to this data are a piece of cake for combat-hardened aviators, avid computer gamers and gadget mastering Über Techno-Geeks, but it may be a lot of information for non-tech savvy John and Jane Q. average drivers to efficiently absorb, manage, and use to good advantage.


I would like to see a Heads-Up Display with key Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) operating parameters incorporated and displayed on windshield to help alleviate and manage this "information over-load" problem. It would be a big driver safety enhancement that would cut down on a driver being distracted away from keeping his or her eyes on the road when driving as they monitor the electronic instrument cluster display and multi-function information display in pursuit  of MPG "Nirvana."


It is clear to me that if one drives a Prius using obsolete Gas-To-Go/Brake-To-Stop driving techniques like those they used in the conventional car the Prius Hybrid replaced, they will get good miles-per-gallon fuel economy, but will likely not achieve stellar, Official EPA beating fuel economy numbers.


Driving the Prius to MAX MPG PERFECTION requires a bit of Hybrid Zen Mastery to achieve MAX MPG NIRVANA. To achieve MAX MPG NIRVANA, the driver must Become-At-One-With-The-Hybrid-System. If not, only fuel economy closer to the basic, inherent  MPG available from the 1.5-Liter. or 1.8-Liter 4-Cylinder gasoline engines, as if they were being operated in a non-hybrid, conventional Otto Cycle Mode, will likely be delivered.

Sports Driving:


1983 Porsche 944: The Thinking Man’s Über Aryan-Iron Autobahn-Eater of the Go-Go Eighties

Contributed By: "I Have A Need For Speed" Catgic


The 1983 Porsche 944 debuted at an MSRP of $18,980. In “Cop-Magnet” Guard’s Red, it was the Thinking Man’s Über Aryan-Iron Autobahn-Eater of the Go-Go Eighties.
A 2+2, 2-Door Hatchback Sedan-Coupe, born and built at Audi: Neckarsulm, it came powered with a Zufffenhausen 143hp, 2.5-Liter (2479cc) OHC, water-cooled Slant/In-line 4-Cylinder with counter-balanced crankshaft, EFI (Bosch L-Jetronic with coasting cut-off) burning 89-Octane Regular Gasoline. Those horses were all married to a 5-Speed Transaxle propelled it at 28 MPG. That new-design Porsche 944 came with its aerodynamics enhanced by improved handling and cornering, obtained from adapting and incorporating the best of sports and performance from the 924 and 928 into a “wallet-friendly” package.
It came standard with very frigid-cold Air Conditioning, a Removable/Tilt-able Sunroof, and Power Windows. Available popular options included an AM-FM/Cassette Tape Radio and optional 3-Speed Automatic Transmission. That Guard’s Red beauty made my daily drive commute to-from the office, a virtual commute on the Autobahn. Even with “punching” the throttle and regularly piloting and “horsing” it around town using a “fuel economy smart” driving that worked at getting through all the gears into the highest gear (i.e. Over-Drive Gear Ratio) for cruising, as well as moderately aggressive driving technique, which included selectively going into the thirstier “after-burner” operating mode at traffic lights to assure that no one beat me Off-The-Line and only my “six o’clock” was viewable after the traffic light turned GREEN. 
Even with such "Need For Speed," that beauty would still regularly deliver 28± MPG in average fuel economy in "Around Town," mixed city-highway driving (as measured by me using the Tank-Refill Method). This 28± actual, measured miles-per-gallon fuel economy beat the published, Official EPA 20 City/23 Combined/27 Highway fuel economy numbers.
It does not get better than a Guard’s Red, High-MPG “Road-Burnin,’ Autobahn-Eater.” I have had them all, better and bigger than even Bogey & Bacall. Yet, for the money and shear thrill and fun of driving on the highways and byways, I have not found a petrol-powered machine with more of an optimal high-low balance between acquisition cost / acceleration / fuel-economy / handling-cornering, and just pure, responsive Push-You-Back-In-The-Seat driving pleasure.

Grandma's Food"

Kugela (Kugelis)
Grandma Buti’s
Old Lithuanian Recipe


Kugela is an easy to prepare and cook, delicious oven baked potato casserole dish. The aromatic smell of baking Kugela wafting out of your kitchen will quickly draw a hungry crowd waiting for the oven timer to go off. 


Kugela is more than merely a delectable oven-baked potato pudding treat. It is Classic European food art as well as being the national dish of Lithuania. No family celebration or other communal gathering that includes eating would be complete without it. Traditionally, Kugela is served topped with a generous dollop of sour cream and/or an applesauce accompaniment.


The family recipe for Kugela (Kugelis) passed down from my Lithuanian Grandma Buti follows:


PREPARATION (~30-minutes prep time + 1¾ hours baking time = 2-2¼ hours total).


5 lb Russet Potatoes peeled, finely grated and drained of excess water (Can be prepared using any variety of potato, but, because Russet Potatoes are high in starch and are light and fluffy when cooked-baked. Russets are considered Grandma "Buti" Gourmet Kugela Kritical).

1 lb Bacon; cut across the bacon strips into ¼" to ½" wide sized pieces.

6 Eggs; beaten.

1 Medium to Large Onion; grated (Vidalia Sweet Onion, if available).

2 Tablespoons of Salt (add only if extra salty flavor-taste is desired because the bacon conveys saltiness to the taste. Additionally, add a dash or two of Black Pepper if you like pepper).

½ Cup of flour.

1 Can (12 ounces) evaporated milk.


First, fry-render bacon pieces in a large skillet over medium heat until nearly crisp; remove bacon pieces to a paper towel. Add grated onions to the bacon drippings in the pan, and sauté lightly until translucent. Combine rendered bacon pieces, sautéed onion, and bacon drippings together with grated, drained potatoes in a large mixing bowl. Stir in flour, evaporated milk, beaten eggs, and salt-pepper into the bowl. Pour blended mixture into lightly greased or buttered 2x9x13 inch (3-quart) casserole baking dish.


Bake uncovered in a pre-heated conventional oven at 425 degrees F for approximately 30-minutes until top is turning nicely brown. Then Cover top of casserole pan with tin foil, decease oven temperature to 350 degrees F, and continue baking for 70-75 minutes more until done (i.e. until a knife inserted in center comes out clean).


Cut into serving sized squares and top each with a generous dollop of sour cream with an apple sauce accompaniment on the side.


Serves 12-14 people or 8-10 from a hungry family or group.


Kugela is great for Pot Luck dinners and reheats well in the microwave oven. Enjoy!


Beautiful Old Age
David Herbert Lawrence
(In Memorium Of My Father)


It ought to be lovely to be old to be full of the peace that comes of experience and wrinkled ripe fulfillment.


The wrinkled smile of completeness that follows a life lived undaunted and unsoured with accepted lies.


If people lived without accepting lies they would ripen like apples, and be scented like pippins in their old age.


Soothing, old people should be, like apples when one is tired of love.


Fragrant like yellowing leaves, and dim with the soft stillness and satisfaction of autumn.


And a girl should say: It must be wonderful to live and grow old. Look at my mother, how rich and still she is! --


And a young man should think: By Jove, my father has faced all weathers, but it’s been a life! --

Fresh Water Sport Fishing:
Fox Chain O'Lakes

If you're an avid angler you might want to try great fishing for Walleyed Pike in the Fox Chain O'Lakes. Fox Lake and the associated Chain O'Lakes lake and river system of the Fox Valley is located 40 miles north of Chicago and is nestled right in the middle of walleye country.

Test netting in the Chain O’Lakes has shown that the Fox Chain is loaded with walleyes. The average male is ~15 inches long with a few exceeding 18 inches. The average female is ~21 inches with 80 percent longer than 18 inches. One quarter of the fish netted exceed 24 inches. Since 1996, slot limits protected the 18-to-24-inch "brood stock" walleyes.

Frank Jakubicek, Illinois district fishery biologist, said, "The Fox Chain is confirmation that intensive fish management works on an urban lake system. We have had a consistent effort for over 20 years, and the results speak for themselves."


Bring your fishing gear, your boat and yourself to the Fox Chain O'Lakes for a fun fishing experience.

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