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AWP NYC: Great Difficult Poets

February 2, 2008, 4:15p.m.

Panel Discussion with Karen Volkman, Joanna Klink, Chris Abani, and Dan Beachy-Quick

Location TBD

Antioch University Los Angeles: Lecture & Workshop

December 6-18, 2007, 8p.m.

Open to Students Only

Location TBD

Harvard College: BGLTSA Reading & Talk

February 28, 2005, 8p.m.

Open to Undergraduates

Location TBD


Amherst College: Reading & Craft Talk (Amherst, MA)

Fayerweather Hall #115, 8p.m.

March 1, 2005


Poem.X.: Reading with James Ragan (Santa Monica, CA)

Barnes & Noble, 8p.m.

March 11, 2005


Monrovia Public Library (Monrovia, CA)

Reading & Workshop: Writing & Enjoying Poetry

March 14, 2005


Associated Writing Program Conference (Vancouver, BC)

Panel: Crossing Boundaries

April 1, 2005


Associated Writing Program Conference (Vancouver, BC)

Panel: Hayden Carruth Poets of Copper Canyon Press: A Dialogue

April 1, 2005


West Chester University—Seminar: Forgotten Women Formalists

of the Mid-40's and 50's (June 2004)


Associated Writing Program—Panel: The Poetry of Kenneth

Rexroth (February 26, 2003)


Associated Writing Program—Panel: Young Poets of Copper Canyon

Press (February 27, 2003)


West Chester Poetry Conference—Reading: Adam Kirsch, A.M.

Juster, Jenny Factor, Terri Witek (June 5, 2003)


Poetry Santa Cruz—Reading and Q&A (October 14, 2003)


Cody’s Books—Reading: Alicia Ostriker and Jenny Factor

(July 7, 2003)


New Literary Los Angeles—Reading: Wanda Coleman, Timothy

Steele, Jenny Factor, Scott Timberg (July 2003)


Skylight Books—OUT/LOUD in honor of L.A. Pride and the Lambda

Literary Awards (May 2003)


Santa Barbara Arts Council—Reading: Jenny Factor and Dana

Ortner (April 2003).


Beyond Baroque—Reading: Jenny Factor and Ross Martin

(June 5, 2002)


Speakeasy Poetry Series—Reading: Marilyn Hacker, Jenny Factor,

and Yerra Sugerman (Apil 2002)


Astraea Foundation—Stage Spectacular: The Use of the Erotic

(June 6, 2001)


Bennington CollegeSubtle & Unsubtle Stitching: The Use of

Rhyme (June 11, 2000)


Express Y’rself Café—Reading: Jenny Factor and Catherine Daly

(January 2000)


MAKORReading and Introduction: Jane Cooper, Marilyn Hacker,

Jenny Factor (January 26, 2000)


Children’s Poetry Master ClassA Sense of Place: Poets and

their Roots (March 1997)


Society of American ArchaeologyCayonu Tapesi: Neolithic Tell

(April 1991)