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Meet Our Staff

Though I don't have an official staff, many folks play an important part who contribute to the success of the ministry. I will feature these folks from time to time.

John C. Mannone, President and Founder


Lit Bio on Zoetrope

John C. Mannone lives in east Tennessee, is a nuclear consultant and teaches physics and astronomy whenever possible. He discovered poetry in Charlotte, NC in May 2004.

His poetry blends lyrical tones with description in predominantly free verse. Though highly metaphorical, it strives for technical accuracy. His favorite "equations" are rich imagery, allusion, alliteration, and internal rhyme. As a physicist, his passion to understand the universe is only surpassed by his passion to know its creator. His poems are often astronomy-related, the biblical narrative, and about the human condition. These are often are blended.

Professor Mannone holds advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering, Plasma Physics, and Physical Chemistry. He is currently a visiting Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Tamke-Allan Observatory, senior editor of Radio Astronomy (technical publication of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers), and an NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador for the Great State of Tennessee. His astronomy webpage is Adventures in Astronomy

His poetry appears (or has been accepted) in the Iodine Poetry Journal, Thrift Poetic Arts Journal, MO: Writings From the River, Main Channel Voices: A Dam Fine Literary Magazine, Wordgathering: The Journal of Disability Poetry, Bat Creek Journal, American Diversity Report, Liquid Imagination, Linnet's Wings, Frontage Road, The Reflector (publication of The Astronomy League), Swiss American Historical Society Review Journal, International Dark-Sky Association Newsletter, Static Movement, Sonar4, Chain Reaction (Karns HS Literary Magazine), Astronomical Calendar 2007 (the prestigious publication by Guy Ottewell), Proceedings of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers, The Barnard Star, and Astropoetica. His work also appears in various anthologies, such as Poetic Praise (2005 Anthology of Rhyme N Chatt), A Knoxville Christmas 2008 (Greyhound Books, October 2008), 90th Birthday Commemorative Book (tribute to the celebrated sidewalk astronomer, John Dobson), and eVokability: The Walking Project.

He has won several poetry contests (Regional RNC poetry slam, Bat Creek Poetry Literary Festival, Liquid Imagination (ezine) Raven's Brew Poetry. He also has been awarded funding from Sweetwater Valley of the Arts to conduct poetry workshops for the Sweetwater High School English classes.

John maintains The New Craft of Poetry Office in Francis Coppola’s American Zoetrope. Anyone who is interested in poetry, from novice to seasoned writer, is welcome.

John Wacker


Reverand Dr. John Wacker has periodically provided live musical accompaniment with his guitar. He is a fine Greek scholar and pastoral counselor. I am fortunate to have his valuable critique and anointed strings bless this ministry. John lives in Sweetwater with his delightful wife, Jerline, whose fine soups vitalize John and me for hours of exegetical Bible study.


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