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It's easy with an EZN Ramp.

The EZN Ramp turns your pickup truck tailgate into a heavy-duty loading ramp in just seconds. With a load capacity of 2,000 lbs. the possibilities are endless. It has earned its reputation as "the most rugged and versatile pickup ramp ever invented." Farmers, ranchers, gardeners, hunters, contractors and grounds maintenance crews will find the EZN Ramp the perfect choice for handling pickup truck cargo and equipment. Here's why you'll agree:
Does away with expensive trailers and liftgates Takes up only 4" inside the bed Helps reduce back injuries and Workman's Comp claims
Quick and easy to install Slip-resistant surface Converts to an instant work table, picnic table, or perfect for tailgate parties
Eliminates extra manpower Compatible with most toolboxes, camper shells and bed liners Pickup-to-dock loading
Rust and corrosion resistant Easily transferable to your new truck No more lifting! Easy loading and unloading
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Lower your tailgate. Unfold the EZN Ramp. Load up to 2000 lbs.
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[ EZN Ramp Solutions of Texas]

We have a variety of loading solutions including lightweight aluminum ramps and custom ramps, as well as other products on special order. For more information, please contact Philip M. Deans
by email at pmdeans@earthlink.net,
by telephone or fax at 281-482-8916, or
cellular at 281-844-5567.

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