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How the EZN Ramp Works

[ EZN Ramp Close-up ] The EZN Ramp is installed on the pickup (see the note on Compatibility) by attaching to the existing tailgate. You can attach the EZN Ramp with the included hardware and a few simple hand tools in just 30 minutes, or we can install the unit for you. The EZN Ramp can be removed and transferred to another vehicle.

Although the EZN Ramp can handle a full ton of load, its unique cable assist system allows anyone to deploy and stow the unit. The cable system provides a helping hand when lowering or raising the tailgate. [ EZN Ramp Opened ]

[ EZN Side View ] The EZN Ramp's cable support system distributes load weight evenly over the ramp and eliminates weak spots and instability. The system uses high-strength aircraft cable for total reliability.

EZN Ramp Specifications

Material: Roll formed, 1.6mm zinc-coated structural steel with electrostatically applied powder coat finish for corrosion resistance
Weight: 130 lbs. total, supported by spring-assisted tailgate
Surface: Anti-slip surface, silicon carbide baked on at 436 degrees F.
Cable support system: Galvanized, 2800-lb test aircraft cable
Dimensions, unfolded: 76" long, 56" wide
Dimensions, stowed: 20 inches high (lower than tailgate), 56 inches wide, 4 inches thick (from inside of tailgate)
Maximum load: 2000 lbs., stationary or loading/unloading

EZN Ramp Compatibility

The EZN Ramp is compatible with virtually all full-size pickups (1/2 ton and larger), including Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Dodge, Jeep, and the Toyota T100. Installation varies among different makes. Some pickups need no adjustments, some need their rear bumpers lowered to a lower factory-installed stop, and some require locating the rear bumper onto a special bracket available from EZN.

Stay tuned for further developments for compact and midsized pickups!

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