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Applications of the EZN Ramp System

[ Motorcycle up the EZN Ramp ] Motorcycle Racers & Repair Shops: There's no easier way to transport a motorcycle or two to the shop or to a race. Just lower the EZN Ramp and ride it carefully up the ramp.
[ EZN Ramp to Loading Dock ] Loading Docks: The EZN Ramp eliminates the bucket-brigade method of delivering equipment at a loading dock. Just back up to the dock, unfold the ramp up to the dock surface, and roll a pallet jack or dolly up to the cargo. The EZN Ramp will adjust up and down to any loading dock height.
[ EZN Ramp as Workbench ] Workbench: The EZN Ramp allows you to work right out of your truck. Perfect for small jobs on-site. The sturdy leg posts provide a rigid work table right where you need it.
[ EZN Ramp w/ Golf Cart ] Golf courses:a great way to pick up or deliver a golf cart in a hurry for repairs or maintenance. If you own a golf cart, you can keep it at home and bring it to any course you desire.
[ EZN Ramp with heavy mower ] Rental suppliers: The EZN Ramp allows one driver to transport large items easily and safely. No more heavy lifting, drive or roll on items easily with a dolly.
[ EZN Ramp extending tailgate ] Transportation: For your cargo items longer than your 6-1/2' or 8-1/2' pickup bed, extend your tailgate and let the EZN Ramp help secure your cargo.

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