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Ann McClosky Jenning, Peter McClosky,
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Here are a few of my family's pictures.

More will be adding with the passage of time.

Our Father's father

Our Father's Mother

The following is a picture of our Father, his sister Edith, and his brother David

McClosky and Johnson Trucking - Ed's Office in the very late 30's or early '40's.  By the way, there was no Johnson.

Edith and Ted Goodman

This is the earlest picture I have found of Mom and Dad together.

1948 Family gathering

The McCloskys on Vacation in 1959 or 1960. Near Palm Springs. Christmas Day, 1960, the kids on the stairs. Christmas Day 1965, Most of the McClosky's in front of the lawn at our house. Dad took the picture. 1965 Family gathering (We think this was Rose's 75th birthday party) Mom and Dad on vacation in Death Valley, 1966.

At Dad's Inrobement Party (1980)

Dad starts "Private Judging" (Sometime around 1990)

Peter J. McClosky (Me)

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