"Sunset Depot" San Antonio, TX
Former SP Depot, San Antonio, TX; February 14, 1999

San Antonio's "Sunset Station" was built by the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad in 1903, replacing an earlier station. The building was designed by Daniel J. Patterson in the Spanish Renaissance style. The station was used by Southern Pacific, and after 1971 by Amtrak.

In 1998 the depot underwent a major renovation, for use as a night club complex, housing six different bars. Work included site/landscaping improvements, repainting the building, and replacing the round stained glass window in the front of the building. It has the words "SUNSET ROUTE" across the top, the SP sunset logo in the center, and in Roman numerals, 1902, the projected completion date of the depot.

Amtrak moved to a new smaller building just south of the original station, which was built to match the style of the old depot. Amtrak's Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited both use the station. A nicely restored Southern Pacific steam engine is on display next to the old depot.

New Amrrak Station in San Antonio
Present Amtrak Station

Amtrak Engine and Steam Engine Display
Former SP Station, Feb. 14, 1999

Street Side/South End; San Antonio Depot
Street Side/South End

Tower Details
Baroque Sculpture Detailing on Tower

Juan Flores' Sunset Depot Page has several photos of the station before its most recent renovation. Included are some photos of the fantastic interior details.
Over the years, there were dozens of different postcards , showing different views of the station, some showing the front garden.

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