Diving into water

The wars of the next century will be about water. --- The World Bank

A number of key research and environmental organizations such as Worldwatch Institute, World Resources Institute and the United Nations Environment Program have been sounding the alarm for well over a decade: If water usage continues to increase at current rates, the results will be devastating for the earth and its inhabitants. --- Maude Barlow

It is a sacred duty to help someone who is suffering from thirst. However, it is a sin to transfer water just so that people can flush their toilets and wash their cars in dry areas...It makes no sense and is ecological and economic madness. --- Georg Wurmitzer, mayor of the small town of Simitz in the Austrian Alps

By U.N. estimates, two thirds of humanity will face shortages of clean freshwater by the year 2025. Transnational corporations are working to privatize water, deregulate it, and sell it to the highest bidder.

According to the BBC report World Water Crisis, Mexico city is sinking because of the amount of water being pumped out from beneath its foundations. One of the largest and most populous cities in the world, it was once a lush land of lakes. But over the last 500 years the lakes have been drained and the surrounding forests chopped down. As the city grew in size, the water problem magnified. With no adequate drainage system, today rainwater mixes with sewage and is used for irrigation. The city is now at serious risk of running out of clean water. An estimated 40% of the city's water is lost through leaky pipes built at the turn of the century.

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Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow occupies the positions of Chair of IFG Committee on the Globalization of Water and National Chair of the Council of Canadians. She is the author of Blue Gold: The Fight To Stop The Corporate Theft Of The World's Water.


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