Francis A. Boyle

Francis Boyle on Rumsfeld's "old Europe" comment dismissing Germany and France's opposition to the United States starting a war

"That's the future of Europe, not the old Europe. I was impressed that they made their statement together on the anniversary of their Treaty of Reconciliation. Here you had these inveterate enemies, Germany and France, standing together after all the terrible histories of the wars they've had with each other and making a stand together and saying to the United States, 'well, you have to go back to the Security Council.'

"I mean, that's basic international law. There's nothing radical or revolutionary at all about what they were saying.

"It's Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz who are completely Machiavellian and throwbacks to an earlier age that you saw under the Kaiser in Germany, you know, 'war is an instrument of national policy.' Colin Powell in today's New York Times, you know, 'we reserve the right to go to war.' Well, that was rejected by the Kellogg-Briand Pact in 1928 in reaction to the von Clausewitz dictum that resulted in the first World War, 'war is politics by other means.' So it's really Rumsfeld that is articulating these repudiated, debunked theories of glorifying war as a solution to solve international problems."

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