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According to Helen Caldicott in The New Nuclear Danger,

One of the most influential think tanks is the Heritage Foundation. Founded by transnational corporations and wealthy individuals including Amway, Hyundai, Exxon, Phillip Morris, United Parcel Service Foundations, Joseph Coors, Timothy Mellon and the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Heritage Foundation's income for 1999 was 43.6 million dollars. The Heritage Foundation established a comprehensive list of agenda items for the Reagan presidency, which they titled "Mandate for Leadership -- Policy Management in a Conservative Administration." Items included arming America to fight and win a nuclear war, and to develop "superiority over the Soviet Union." Most of these agenda items became policy.

On its ABM/Missile Defense research page, the Heritage Foundation writes that "the growing threat of ballistic missile attack is the key reason President Bush retired the 1972 ABM Treaty."

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