The controversy about George W. Bush's military service


ON GUARD -- OR AWOL? (The Memphis Flyer, 16 February 2004) Marty Heldt: Finally, the Truth About Bush's Military Service Record David Case: More Questions Than Answers: Bush's Military Record Under Scrutiny Robert A. Rogers: The Smoking Jet: Bush's Military Record Reveals Grounding and Absence for Two Full Years


Marty Heldt has collected documents about Bush's military service via the Freedom Of Information Act. They are available at his web page.

Item Value
Total AD/ACDUTRA as of 69 May 26 2d Lt, 226 days
Total AD/ACDUTRA as of 70 May 26 2d Lt 313 days
Total AD/ACDUTRA as of 71 May 26 2d Lt - 43 days, 1st Lt - 3 days
Total AD/ACDUTRA as of 72 May 26 1st Lt 22 days
Data from the document "Chronological Listing of Service" for George W. Bush. (View original)

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