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William Lewis Kolm was born in 1884 in Schuyler, Nebraska. In 1908 he traveled west to Eugene, Oregon, staying with his sister and brother-in-law Sidney and Mary (Kolm) Tivey. He got a position with Coos Bay, Roseburg & Eastern Railroad and Navigation Company and moved to Marshfield (now Coos Bay). There he met Nellie Bernitt who worked in a dry goods store.

In the fall of 1909, Will became the CBR&E Railroad station agent in Myrtle Point. Will and Nellie wrote postals (post cards) and letters to each other almost every day. In 1910, Will moved back to Schuyler, to go into business with his brother, returning briefly to Marshfield to marry Nellie. The newlyweds only lived in Schuyler for a couple of years before returning to Oregon. They often corresponded by post card with their family members in Oregon and Nebraska.

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Will Kolm's collection of old post cards was saved by his son Leland Kolm. They were eventually passed down to his grandson Richard Kolm and great-granddaughter Peggy Kolm. A selection of their postcards can be found on this site. They not only tell the story of Will and Nellie's courtship and marriage, but also provide a glimpse of the history of Marshfield and the surrounding area, as told in photos.

Names and categories

Postcard Categories

Coos County names mentioned on the postals

Nellie's Relatives CBR&E Employees Others
Mrs. Emma Klahn
(Nellie's aunt)

the Ploegers
(Nellie's aunt and uncle)

the Gurneys
(Nellie's sister and brother-in-law)

C.J. Millis
(general manager of the Coos Bay, Roseburg and Eastern Railroad and the Portland and Coos Bay Steamship Line)

Harold Millis
(C.J.'s son)

W.F. Miller
(an agent for the steamship line at Marshfield)
Miss Buell

Miss Eva Cornwell

Mrs. Fox

Mrs. Gebhart

Mrs. Joiner

Mr. Terry

Merritt (Terry?)

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