Christian RUCH (RUGH)

(son of Michael Sr. & Franzina)

He was born in Moselem Springs, Richmond Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1748. Records exist showing that on January 2, 1749 in Moselem Springs he was baptized at Moselem Lutheran Church. His parents are indicated in the record as "Michael Ruch and Francina nee Merklin". Baptismal sponsors were: "Joh. Christian Merklin and Maria Eva Kelchnerin". He was named as Christian "Ruch".

He and his possible descendants may well have retained "Ruch" rather than converting to the variation "Rugh" as did his brothers later in Westmoreland County. But this has not been determined since little identifiable documentation about him beyond his birth/baptism has yet been located.


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