Poughkeepsie Swing Dance, Nov 2000

Casperkill Country Club

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John and Margo are a couple of regulars, great dancers, both of them!

A couple of happy campers, wouldn't you say?

Swing dance has been catching on at the local colleges, and we're really glad to have 'em!

Bena is a central figure in HVCD, the group that runs this dance. Ed does his share too. Thanks Bena and Ed!

How lowwwwww can you go-oh?

Look ma, no hands!

Bob is a local swing dance teacher who helps out by teaching beginner's lessons at the dance. Thanks Bob!

The band! They sound as good as they look! It was a tremendous musical experience!

Rick is a local teacher and provides music from his CD collection during the breaks and at swing jams. Alright Rick!

John, Susie and Eric are all very active in HVCD, the group that runs the dance. John is treasurer, Susie does a bang-up job on contra publicity and e-mail list, and Eric books the bands for the swing dance.

John is a local DJ who has helped make the swing jams successful, and Sherill can often be seen collecting money at the door. Thanks you two!