Paul Johnson's Horse Training Experience DVD


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This is the DVD made of the 2006 Paul Johnson Polocrosse Horse Training Experience. 
In the summer of 2006 I brought 3 mid-level polocrosse players to my home in McDade TX.  I had 8 horses waiting for them, 4 had been broke and 4 were unbroken.  All the players turned out to be female, and all had grown up in Pony Club.  When the girls arrived I let them pick which horses they would train.  Each girl had to choose one unbroke horse and one horse that had been ridden before.  I took the left-overs to work with myself.
For 3 weeks we broke and trained the horses, trying to get them to be able to play polocrosse.  The fourth week we loaded up and hauled the girls and their 6 horses to Wisconsin and the girls competed on their horses in a polocrosse tournament that weekend. 
We trained some more during the week and then hauled down to Kentucky and the girls competed in another tournament the 5th weekend.  
We trained a little more during the week and then hauled to New York where the girls competed in their last tournament on the 6th weekend.  In this tournament, the girls won every game on their new horses, and got first place in their B division.  As soon as the tournament was over, we auctioned off their horses.
This DVD shows the breaking process for each of the unbroken horses, a little about the additional training, interviews with the girls, a little bit of play from Wisconsin, a complete game in Kentucky, a complete game in New York, and the auction.
This horse-breaking challenge was to see if almost anyone could break and train almost any horse and get it to play polocrosse in less than 6 weeks.  The money from the auction went to each participant minus the expenses for each horse.
Watch this DVD and judge for yourself to see if it's possible to break almost any horse and get it to play polocrosse in 6 weeks.
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Paul Johnson's 2006 Horse Training Experience