A few collectable knives for sale

Spyderco P.I.G. Police Model - Left Handed

"One of 480 made only in 1984"

I bought this knife off a table at the Pomona Gun Show about 1985 and carried it till about 3-4 years ago when I found out it may have some value.

Although I carried it all that time, I never used it for anything except to open letter or to cut an apple as the condition of the blade will attest.

The blade has been touched up only with a Loray sharpener fine stone to keep a fine edge. There are NO scratches or dings in the blade or in the scales.

It didn't come with packing material, box or anything other than the knife at the time. It just lay there on a felt pad along with dozens of other knives. I was hard pressed to pay $30.00 for it at the time not knowing a thing about knives in general, only that it was sturdy, new, and shiney.

Anyway, I'm getting long in the tooth and my heirs don't value things the way I do so I've decided to sell it rather than have an heir, beat the hell out of a collector item.

If you're interested drop me a line to the address below and make me a reasonble offer. I am aware of it's rarity and potential value as a collector item so please be serious.

A little history on the quite rare Police "P.I.G" model:

Excerpt from the book:
The Spydcrco Story: The New Shape of Sharp
by Kenneth T. Delavigne

"The Police Model has perhaps a richer history of variations than any other Clipit to date. Left-handed models have been available on the C07 since the beginning. The blades on about the first 2,400 of these knives, 1,920 right-hand and about 480 left-hand, were engraved with the words "Pride Integrity Guts" arranged so their initial capital letters, read vertically, spelled "PIG." I have heard of private exchanges of these models for as much as $1,200. After this first run, the blades were simply etched "Police Model," because of complaints about the "PIG" inscription from some nonpolice buyers. Some years later, all engraving was removed, but more recendy, again due to customer feedback, the word "Police" has been reinstated." --- Sal Glesser, founder and owner of Spyderco

BTW: I also have a NEW Spyderco "Civilian" model C12GS Folding Lockback Knife in a Spyderco Zipper Storage Pouch. It doesn't come with a box, only the spyderco Zippered Pouch and warranty paper and attached tag as shown.

I also have a used Cold Steel Black Talon model Folding Lockback Knife in an Aluminum Storage Can as shown. See: http://www.coldsteel.com/blacktalon.html for video and particulars.

Case XX Model 5197 L ssp stagg handled Sharkstooth Model folding pocket knife. A real collectors item with 10 dot tang code indicating the knife was manufactured in 1980. See: www.casexx.com/TangStamp.asp for codes. The knife was carried for a short time but is in excellent condition as photos indicate. The Genuine Stagg handles are chip and crack free. Bolsters and blade are bright and shiney with no nicks or scratches. Complete with boxes, sheath and accompanying papers.

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