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"Riding in Lightness"
The french method is true to the classical principles of dressage; developing a horse that is supple, obedient, working in self-carriage, and light to the aids, swinging through the back and relaxed.  Its techniques of riding have been taught by such notable equestrians as Francoise Baucher, Nuno Oliviera, and Jean Claude Racinet.  It works well with any breed or type of horse and is not limited to dressage, being useful to any riding discipline including:  saddle seat, western, and hunt seat.  It can be learned by any age rider and used on horses at all levels of training.  The principals of the French Classical Connections are centered around
The Full Balanced Seat
Appropriate use of the aids
Separation of the aids
The results have been achieved by Ellin Daum, who began dressage after age 40 and who, although not completely physically fit, has accomplished an amazing transition from one who pushed and pulled to a rider of tact, softness and balance.  The proof of the French Classical Connection is in the doing.  If Ellin can do it, anyone can.  For more information and an instructional video, contact Ellin Daum.
"Although the horse may pull on the rider, the rider never pulls on the horse"

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