"The best was Beth's manner of being with the group and her storytelling and teaching capabilities."  -Rhiannon Harris

"When you came, it put more life into me. Thank you."  -Elementary Student

"Congratulations on a wonder-filled presentation ... I was entertained, some were enthralled and others, I could see so clearly, were entranced. You have developed a fine craft."  -Mary Hopkins

"I will probably use all my life the basic skills of storytelling. For example, to make good eye contact."  -Elementary Student

"I'm ususally indifferent to storytelling and I was gripped and transported here. Beyond my expectations."  -Florence Jones Daggett

"The children were totally engaged. She was animated and enjoyable."  -Teacher

"The storyteller captivated the attention of the third graders. Her authentic dress and varying level of voice pitch and sound entranced us all to listen closely."  -Teacher

"It was a gift and a joy to have you at Highland Park!"  - Warmly, HighlandPark School

"We are proud and honored to revive the ancient bardic tradition through the stories of Beth Phillips Brown who brings our heritage to life."  -Larry Foulke, Foulke Family Executive Committee

"Her sense of deep identity with and knowledge of the traditions and cultureof Wales and her obvious talents as a storyteller are well-reflected in thisnew recording: FoulkeTales."  -Robin Gwyndaf, Curator of Cultural Life, Museum of Welsh Life, St. Ffagan's, Cardiff, Wales


"This book [Marked for the Night] has some fine poems, of gratitude -- to Etheridge Knight -- affectionate observations -- scenes in Wales -- and a number of robust love poems, charming and tender."  -Robert Bly

"These poems by Beth L. Phillips Brown resonate with the buzz and hum of a life well-used, dearly praised, carefully crafted and sung from the belly. laments, longings, delights, and fierce loving -- and the honoring of her Welsh roots -- stay in the memory and nourish: spice, salt and sweet kernel: all of it."  -Elizabeth Gordon McKim

"Beth L. Phillips Brown writes with a generous eye and a generous heart. Her gracious, compassionate poems invite us into our own hiding places of language and memory, our own deep springs of being."  -Naomi Shihab Nye


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