Some Past Residency Themes  • 19th Century Welsh Immigration to America • Name & name origins, traditions • Celtic & Islamic art/culture • Poetry About Nature & Our Relationship To Nature  • Basic Storytelling • The Middle Ages  •  Family & Immigration Stories  • Immigration Stories  • Personal Stories  • Celtic Mythology  • Celtic Myth & Family Stories • Wales & Puerto Rico: Island Nations  • Poetry & Food  •  Who I Am (through poetry) •  Edward & Elinor Foulke’s Story - 17th Century Immigration to Pennsylvania

Some past residencies have had culminating projects such as: an anthology of student poems, either program-wide or class-specific; a student reading for school and/or community; hand-made books, a medieval festival and/or feast; a school-wide storytelling festival; incorporation of student poems into a performance piece; student-created performance pieces for school & community; student presentations to PTO and/or school board; display of student writing.


Building Skills Mastery through poetry and storytelling residencies • Modeling creative processes • Critical thinking • Problem-solving • Decision-making • Values • Multicultural world • Public speaking • Teamwork/team learning • Confidence and self esteem • Socialization • Memory skills • Listening skills • Whole language • Active imagination/internalized imaging • Comprehension • Affective learning • Self-expression • Learning styles • Modeling learning process


Residency Ideas • Celtic Story and King Arthur • Medieval Britain/Medieval Studies • Personal and Family Stories • The Poet and the Scientist:  Observation from the Round Table to Star Wars • The Welsh in Pennsylvania History • The Celts in British History • Building Cultural Bridges • A Sense of Self • A Sense of Place • The Music of Poetry • Discovering Self and Others • Hand-made Books • Performance Skills/Public Speaking • The Bardic Tradition • World Cultures • How Stories Work

These are just suggestions. Contact me for developing a collaborative residency custom-tailored to meet your group's needs


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