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Foulke Tales is a live storytelling tape of the stories told at the 300th Foulke Family Reunion in 1998. Traditional Welsh stories on the tape give some of the best-known and well-loved folk tales of Wales and have connections to both the geographical of Wales and the Foulke family geneaology. One Family's Journey is well-researched and crafted story of Edward and Eleanor Foulke's life decision to leave Wales and come to America. Anyone with an interest in Welsh, American or family history or storytelling will enjoy their story brought to life. "Their great adventure is linked with the lives of the descendants right down to the present day, ensuring that their story is even more interesting," says Robin Gwyndaf of the Museum of Welsh Life.

"We are proud and honored to revive the ancient bardic tradition through the stories of Beth Phillips Brown who brings our heritage to life."

--Larry Foulke
Executive Committee
300th Year Foulke Family Reunion

"As someone who himself has had the immense pleasure of recording Welsh tradition-bearers for over 30 years, I was enchanted by Beth's presentation. . . . Her sense of deep identity with and knowledge of the traditions and culture of Wales and her obvious talents as a storyteller are well reflected in this new recording: FoulkeTales."

--Robin Gwyndaf
Museum of Welsh Life
St. Ffagans, Wales

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