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The Li'l Hacker
  • Excellent combat trainer for all ages
  • Fast Building and Strong
  • .049 to .061 engine
  • Includes covering and hardware
  • DOUBLE kit- 2 planes
  • New, Larger Wing

The Li'l Hacker makes a great combat trainer for little kids and big kids.  The Li'l Hacker flys nicely on a reed valve engine like a Cox Black Widow. For more performance the Cox Killer Bee or Norvel Big Mig .049 or .061 mount easily on the firewall using a nylon mount and a bladder fuel system.  It goes together easily, with few parts to glue. The plug-in wing can be easily replaced when it gets too broken up. The lite ply fuselage has plenty of strength to take the hardest crashes.   The kit includes everything for two planes including plenty of our excellent SLC covering

SPAN : 26-31 inches

AREA : 235 square inches

WEIGHT : 5 ounces

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