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Gotcha Streak III
  • NEW Foam Core Balsa Fuselage
  • Tremendous sport and stunt flying
  • Proven contest winning performance
  • Deluxe Kit includes all hardware and SLC covering
  • Build It Guarantee

The GOTCHA STREAK III delivers great flying performance in sport flying, learning the stunt pattern, and even learning combat. Experts and beginners like thrill to the outstanding performance in the turns coupled with minimum speed loss. It flies like its on rails with a 25% stab, but the low wing loading and long span get around corners fast and smooth. Put a Fox 35 or a schneurle 25 and have great flying fun, or bolt on a sport 40 for a real performance. It builds lighter and stronger, turns tighter, and flies better than the competition. Why settle for less, switch to the GOTCHA STREAK III.

The proven composite construction produces the strongest, lightest plane for your flying pleasure. The fuselage builds up fast from precision laser cut balsa and plywood and utilizes exclusive CoreHouse(tm) foam core. The front end is laminated with fiberglass and ply for stiffness. The precision-cut foam wing cores feature a thick, high performance section and are the finest available- clean, straight, with no flash to sand off.  The kit includes wing tip extensions.  We use the finest .9 lb. density virgin foam in all our cores.

This Deluxe kit includes all hardware and requires only paint and glues. Bolt on your favorite engine wheel, and tank and go fly.

The Core House Build It Guarantee:  if the wings cores are damaged during construction, send 'em back and we will send a replacement set by return mail.

SPAN : 44 - 53 inches

AREA : 430 - 500 square inches

LENGTH : 33 in.

WEIGHT : 13 - 15 ounces airframe

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