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F2D15a   1/1/2010
Price List
45.5 in. span  430  270 gr. airframe.

The GOTCHA F2D15a.  Lots of hard work has produced a foam F2D ship that can compete with the Euro ships in the air and has all the
advantages of a foam wing- Primarily, the covering doesn't blow off!!  The All Foam wing for more stability and strength
The covering stays on when the wing gets hit!  Interlocking spars and motor block, with glass and carbon fiber reinforcing in key spots keeps the plane together in a hit.

Laminated and glassed motor block.  The motor mount bearing area is laminated with heavy glass to prevent splitting and stand up to heat and vibration.  The block is 1.08 in. high and fits most popular motors with no shims needed..  The motor mounts(not included) can be shimmed to accomodate wider motors or different mounts.

Composite center rib uses a separate, plug-in boom.  The boom can be glued(recommended) in place.  The boom can also be adjusted in length during assembly to suit your preferred flying style.  For testing it can be bolted in place temporarily.   The stab has a tapered, low-speed airfoil for improved lift and controllability.

Strategic reinforcing with SLC covering, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and plywood

Almost -Ready-to-Fly  just install the pushrod and glue in the boom.(You really don't want to pay the shipping charges on a bigger box!).

The 58mm glass-filled bellcrank bolts to the boom and the leadouts mount to the bellcrank with brass buttons, so they can be replaced if needed. The longer bellcrank and taller horn give more control leverage and allow finer adjustments.  Monoline buttons and a half inch loop on the line ends are recommended for attachment to the leadouts.  If you prefer, standard small control line connectors can be used.

Replacement Parts:
Hollow Wing Cores   QuadBox(4 sets)  $45
Motor Block/Boom assembly                $30
Motor Block- wood only                        $5
Tail Boom (with internal plug and ring    $15
Stripped Kit(No hardware)                   $35.95
Quad Kit(4 in a box)                             $120
Button line connectors                          10/$5.00