AMA FAST COMBAT- the original, all-out, fire breather-- 120 mph. Any plane, any engine, instant starts, cutting the streamer string wins the match. Air time and cuts are used as tie breakers if no kill is scored.

SPEED LIMIT COMBAT-   a more laidback combat event.  Most areas use the AMA 75 mph rule.  With slower planes fuel shutoffs are not required and the planes a less dangerous.  Three major variations-  with a kill, same as fast.  The Midwest version- no killl, cuts count 100 pts, and no midair rules.  The East Coast/Formula GX rules where the pilots all fly at least 4 times, cumulative points are used for scoring, and there is a clean match bonus to encourage safe, fun flying.

HALF-A COMBAT- a mini version of fast with smaller planes, thinner streamers, but all the action.
FAI COMBAT-   F2D- the International class, a European version of Slow. 15 size(2.5 cc) engines with a 4 mm. intake restrictor. Planes tend to fly about 80-90  mph. Cutting the string doesn't end the match. The pilots can use 2 planes, lines, and handles. This results in lots of additional rules, regulations, and penalties. The planes are outstanding flyers though. Give 'em a try.

AMA SLOW COMBAT- an obsolete event.  Slightly slower, much heavier planes. They have to be 24 inches long and use a suction fuel system. Only 100 mph. Cutting the string doesn't end the match, so pilots fly longer matches, get really close, and have lots of midair collisions.

R/C COMBAT- 1/12 scale WW II models ( AMA event 704). Little scale models for combat.
R/C COMBAT- anything goes. Various clubs fly everything from Ugly Sticks to plastic trainers to all-out combat planes. Rules go from "bash 'em out of the sky" to similar to AMA Fast Combat(c/l).  Biggest draws lately(2004) are SSC(Slow Survivable Combat) for 15's and Class B open for under .30 engines.