Roy's Rules

I named this set of rules in honor of Roy Glenn, the 1997 MACA President, "cause Roy had the wits to see that BONUSES for doing the right thing work better than PENALTIES for doing the wrong thing.

Match Procedures- Airplane- any plane or fuel system may be used. Sport 40 engines may be used. The fuel system must be fixed in the air. Swing carbs, trick venturis, or any other tricks to beat the speed limit will not be allowed.

Speed Limit- 7-7.5 seconds for 2 laps, pick one. 7 sec= 74 mph, 7.5 sec=70 mph.. The planes may be timed at any time they are airborne for the match. Initially the planes will be timed after takeoff, before the signal to begin combat is given. The planes must maintain normal level flight above 15 feet. If a plane is too fast, the pilot will have to land and slow it down. The pilot will lose all airtime scored to that point. There are no restrictions on handle position or walking the circle, but flying below 15 feet, stepping outside the pilot's circle to slow the plane down, or landing to avoid being timed will result in forfeit of the match.

Matching- Random draw first round, or the CD may select the matches based on pilot skill, matching Sportsman pilots against Experts as the number of pilots permits. Pairings will be based on scores in following rounds, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc. In case of rematches, the next lower score will be matched- 5-7 and 6-8 instead of 5-6, 7-8. Some rematches amongst the lower scoring flyers will probably occur.

Rounds:  All flyers will fly four rounds.  All matches will be flown in order of the scores of the pilots- the pilots with the highest scores fly the first match, then work down the list.

Match Scoring- Strictly AMA rules for all scoring, penalties, and match procedure, except the string counts zero(0).  It is NOT a cut.  Total cuts are limited to 3 in a match to prevent circumstances from letting one pilot score multiple cuts on a hapless opponent and run up an unbeatable score.

Match Bonus- if the pilots complete the match without a midair collision, cutaway, or line tangle/crash, both pilots will receive a 200 pt. bonus. A midair collision will be counted if one or both planes land/crash as a result of contact between planes or planes and lines. A line tangle/crash will be counted if one or both planes land/crash with the lines wrapped at least one full turn.

Contest Scoring- final placings will be determined by total scores, including any match bonuses. Flyoffs will only be used to break ties.

If you work it out, the max score in any flight is 799 pts- 299 for airtime, with a pitcrew starting and launching, 200 pts for a clean match, and 300 pts for 3 cuts.  We have never(that is NEVER) had a pilot get 3 cuts in every match, much less 299 airtime points.  Given the usual turnouts, pilots mostly end up starting their own engines.  Requiring the pilot to start his engine(at least on the first lauch) or stand at the plane and set the needle valve knocks 20-30 airtime points off each flight.  It does set up a somewhat dangerous condition with the pilots running full tilt to the handle, risking tripping in the lines and pulling the plane from the pitman's hands.

Most of the time, using this scoring by the end of the third round at least a third of the pilots are within 200 pts of each other, so the outcome of the contest is decided in the last round.  Making the top scoring pilots fly first forces them to fly a real match.  They can't try and squeak through with a lone cut, and can easily drop multiple places if they are too agressive and have a midair.

Other things to try:
Eliminations- After 5 rounds(4 if time is short) the top four flyers will be matched in an elimination round. After the elimination round the top two will fly off for first and second.  Seems to work best if the all scores are carried forward from the preliminary rounds.

Count the string as 1 cut(100pts) if it is the first cut.  Sometimes you may run into problems with too many pilots successfully "feeding" their opponents the string on the first cut, effectively zeroing their possible cut score.

Optional Winner's Bonus- the winner will receive a bonus of 100 points.  Match winner bonses spread the scores, and place more emphasis on winning a particular match.  This may result in needless midairs when pilots get too carried away.

Instead of allowing a pilot to land and adjust his speed you can give him a zero and draw another match for the opponent.  Typical planes will fly around 8 sec/2 laps pulling a streamer when set for a reliable 7.3 sec/2 laps without a streamer.