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News and Views From the World of Combat5/20/2010

Check out Core House SLC covering.  15.5 in wide 10-12 ft. sample  $5 Super Light Covering

F2D Bladder Tubing, Kit
New!  F2D Bladder Tubing, shutoff tubing, and bladder kit.  Heavy
black latex bladder tubing.  Heavy, soft black latex shutoff tube.
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Phil's Big Giles- 740 squares of Fun

 Phil's Big Giles- 60 in. span, 740 squares and 45 ounces!!!!

Flies like a plane should. Giles Notes

New True Beam Wings 'Gotcha Streak IIIThe Gotcha Streak III Great Stunt Trainer Now available as an easy to build kit or as an Almost-Ready-To Fly component kit
Core House F2D15a New CoreHouse F2D Combat
Strong and durable like a foamy
Light weight and high performance- 265 gr.

Fox 35 HP Curves 

Dick SarpolluNJ-1 Race 300 Wing-   10.5 in. root   6.3 in. tip  Trim to suit for your 300 inches


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