The Age of Aquariums

these clowns (l-r: James Barnett: Bass, Sax, Ken Clean-Air System: vocals, Danny Tunick: drums, Pete Grella: guitar) made this mess:

Side One:
1. The City
2. Burned
3. Sticky Shoe
4. Never Never
5. Put Me Away
6. Bedrock Bedlam
7. Burnt Amber

Side Two:
1. Four Bucks
2. Japanese Chicken Trees
3. Locals Only
4. Aren't You Fucking Special
5. Rip It Out
6. Heavy Prison Metal

The Stukas launched their 2nd assault in the form of the full-length album 'The Age of Aquariums', released on the Happy Squid label. Critics praised the record with comments such as:
"Stupid, corny, rude, crude boorish punk garbage" WNMC Radio
"If they practice real hard they might be the next Dead Milkmen" SickTeen #15 1/2
"Happy Squid has released some mighty fine records but this one is a real dud" Buzz #34
"With what they do to hardcore, they'd better stay out of dark alleys with skinheads around" FactSheet #28
"Not inventive, funny, original, inspired, or particularly enjoyable in any way" Option #23
"They used to be a punk band" Flipside

You get the idea. It is rumored that most of the original run of 1000 lps remains unsold.

13 songs. 12" Vinyl LP. $8.50 postpaid
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