Penis Flytrap

Bloody Daggre Records released the 1st Penis Flytrap EP: Tales of Terror, Featuring the songs:
1. Cemetery Girl
2. Tears of Blood
3. I Wait
4. Village of the Damned
5. Now
6. Dracula's Daughter

It featured the line-up of:
Dinah Cancer - vocals
Lucifer Fulci - bass
Elvorian Von Spivey - guitar
Hal Satan - drums

The EP is long out of print
You can occasionally find a copy at:

A myspace page for this era of Penis Flytrap can be found here

After Tales of Terror the band released on their own label BLACK PLAGUE a full length CD DISMEMBERMENT.
You can try to find a copy

After the release of DISMEMBERMENT the band changed line-up, with Dinah Cancer currently working with a re-vamped version of 45-Grave.

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