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Dr. Uphoff At Farish, 2005

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Balloon Glow, 2005

Commonwheel Festival, 2005

Smokebrush Artwalk, 2005

Mistaken Groups By Time
Reaching into the archive, the simple
mouse watching from a shelf, a corner,
or a singular tunnel, there was
an addition to memory hanging above
like the cascading mountains.  Which
rules were to be applied they wanted
to assess for the sake of delicate
feelers reaching out from the soul.
These touched the database while,
dispossessed, they wandered surrounding
the icons of social opinion with cynical
antennae like fins into the water, into
the air.  Otherwise, they encountered
tassels indexing the pure colors of blank
space; they were watching fountains
but did not wish to shiver in pale
moonlight.  Hostility rang forth
in language rounded by erosion,
evolved to become limitless
understanding.  The groups that claimed
these devices were not their natural
owners, thus the law of nature
was the gravitation of the strain.  The
rocks became the trees, and the blue
sky became the abode of machines.
Some rose and fell; some orbited
perpetuallly.  Yet, it all decayed, like
crumbling bricks or curmbling morter.
To rust surrounded by a fence, the fence,
only the gate in it admitted the metal.
Turning orange from the rain, all the
explanations were presented through
incomprehensible style; indefinite
remembrance wobbled amid the wreckage
of thought.  This they endured by
authority of emotional force, while
concepts were rebuilt in elastic factories
of considerate declension.
The lack of a truth did not contradict
the presence of a reiterated situation.
Any roof converged on the lonely man
holding his own work in her presence.
Adequacy of a graceful supervision,
the minerals of sophisticated jewelry graced
the throat of the lady.
Tingling silicates and colors intense
were radiated in surprising patterns
observed upon a shelf, or lying
in a corner, a singular channel
of thought.  A singular trail of emotion
wandered forth to change the documentation
from well remembered to clearly percieved.
Dreams from clouds poured like water
into a thermal topography,
the typography of omens, the choreography
of the dancing sky listening quietly
to you and I.

Dance Workshop, Colorado College, 2005

Molly Danti and Bill Starr Exhibition, 2005

( der _ //, int int // ) f ( r ) d ( I . y ) =
d _ int int int i ( y ) d j d t .

Arjuna Library Annex, 2005

Update   11/13/2005

Fort Carson, 2005

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