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here's a site.  there's a bajillion sites that look like this: some poor, naive soul spends three hours one day throwing together 437 random thoughts about themselves including their hair color, their pet's names, their favorite anchovy dip, three sentences on the biggest day of their life, their current favorite actor/actress, what they want to be when they get old, not to mention the 48 inside jokes peppered throughout their ramblings.
as if we cared.

and now, ladies and gentlemen, for something a little different
well, that's not the road i will go down.  this site is devoted to one thing.  nothing else.  one thing that i am most passionate about.  and that is showing my fellow 'mask paraders' how to escape the coffin of a life devoted to "reputation preservation".  how to tear off the bulging blisters and broken scabs that cage in a raw, burning heart.  i'm done with saving face.  i'd rather save life.
coming to grips
"little big time" is a song that i wrote a while's a song that puts things in perspective for me.  just look at the title--i sometimes think that i can have an impact when i make it to the "big time", when i "arrive".  but in the context of the larger story, even if i made it to the big time, it wouldn't really mean much.  thus my dream is a little big time.
what does this have to do with getting rid of the mask?  if you can come to grips with the idea that there is a story larger and more important than your "little big time", then you can begin to understand where you fit in the story itself, and realize that your part is as vital as anyone's.

forget disney
yeah, so that sounded like a disney moment...there is so much more to it all than what disney tells us.  i'd love to talk to you about it more, if you want to hear it.  visit my blog on xanga to read about it.

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