and i break
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pour down your mercy
one more time
cause i can't get it right
oh no
teach me forgiveness
even unto myself
cause without your help
i can't forget
[--from ironic comedy on and i break]

and i break is the debut "for-sale" album of nic pfost.  after
7 years of writing music,
5 years of playing in bands (lfls, erasmus, rogers 81),
2 years of making cd's (including get real and the noise from rogers 81 4-part trilogy), and
3 weeks of recording,
it all came together in march of 2004.  it is the first album nic has recorded with songs written by his brother, walker. it is by far the best recording quality of any of nic's previous solo attempts.
the album is intended to raise money for nic's ministry with the camp Worldview Academy, which teaches leadership, evangelism, and apologetics to high school students across the country.  nic's team will be traveling the west coast, and will affect the lives of almost 1500 students in eight weeks.  this is the camp that changed nic's life.  your support is greatly appreciated.

same guy.  new cd.

all content (c)2004 by nic pfost.  album (p) and (c)2004 by nic pfost.  please don't steal.