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Bringing Engineering evaluation tools to Blast design


The BLASPA blast design simulators uses explosive and rock properties to predict blasting results, at your mine or construction site.

Rock excavation is the first process in the cycle of operation of a mine, and efficient blasting is key to the profitability of the mine.

Traditionally, blasts have been designed by trial and error, based on the experience of the designer. However since the advent of the blast simulator BLASPA, it has become possible to design the parameters of the blast according to normal engineering practices.

Since its creation thirty years ago, BLASPA has been used to assist in solving numerous special blasting problems. However, it has been found that simulations can improve the results for most blasting procedures, including regular production blasts.

The paper below will explain how BLASPA is used in practice, and how blast design with computer simulations prior to the actual blast can help to avoid unforeseen and undesirable results.

The model BLASPA is now accessible directly to the mining and construction industry for blast optimization, as well as for mine preplanning and for construction bids or claims.