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Blaspa Inc. is a small blasting consulting & simulator development company.  The president, Dr. Roger Favreau is a physicist that has devoted 45 years in blasting consulting, development and validation of the Blaspa blasting simulators and has written over 70 papers on blasting simulations.  He has used the Blaspa simulators to carry out blast studies through out the world which has allowed to thoroughly validate the Blaspa simulators and has allowed Dr. Favreau to gain a world reputation as a world leader in blasting consulting and blast simulations development.

Up to very recently the Blaspa simulators where used in-house to carry out blast studies on a consulting basis.  Recently Blaspa Inc. has decided to make available its Blaspa simulators to the mining and construction industry as a tool to carry out there own blast studies.  

The Blaspa simulators are no toy programs as many others.  Earlier versions of these simulators where used for some 15 years by Dupont for there technical service. Recently in Canada, the CSST (Commission for health & security at work) the use of the Blaspa simulators to validate future blasts was a condition for the reopening of a quarry.

Blaspa offers the following simulators & others on demand:

  1. Shock wave Stress & Displacement :
        • Wall Control
        • Maximum Burden
        • Optemum Delay (DSB)
        • Quality Factors
  2. Cast
  3. Flyrock Maximum Bench
  4. Flyrock Maximum Open Cut
  5. Vibration Vibmas


To access the Blaspa simulators, all that is needed is an access to the WEB and a Blaspa account that can be acquired at

We also offer courses on the usage of the Blaspa simulators to carry out blast studies.