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Monthly Tips

Your Aesthetic Pruner will do the following general things in your garden in the Spring & Summer months:

April, May, June:


remove winter damage after last danger of frost;
pruning, thinning and touch-up on Japanese maples, magnolias, & after bloom has finished on rhododendrons, azaleas & camellias.


detail work on Japanese maples; prune any late-flowering spring plants after flowering: rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, dogwoods. Thinning of Pieris and Loropetalum. Start decandling most pines in mid-May


light pruning of Japanese flowering cherries; touchup work of conifers: cedars, cypress & junipers

Fall Colors

July, August, September:


prune lightly - watch out for sunburn
thinning and general touchup of conifers: cedars, spruce & junipers; remove excess cones of pines, spruce & cedars; prune Podocarpus


prune lightly - watch out for sunburn;
prune Podocarpus, citrus; thinning cuts of magnolias, Tibouchina, pomegranates, figs, Pittosporum & Leptospermum; remove watersprouts of magnolias, evergreen pears, plums, maples, Arbutus & fruit trees; remove wisteria tendrils


Indian Summer = hot spells
light work on citrus, junipers, Leptospermum; remove waterprouts and touch up trees that have finished fruiting; thin and remove old flowers of crape myrtles

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